Not sure what to bring to your design consultation? Maybe you already have a general idea of how you envision your dream, or you are starting from scratch. Our talented design team can help you bring your ideas to life.

Here are a few item we suggest you bring to your design consultation:

Room Overview.jpeg

Picture of YOur Space

Short of being at your home this is the best way for us to envision your dream. Be sure and capture details in your photo to reveal the following:

• Colors - Walls, floors, furniture and accessories that you would like included when we evaluate. If natural light is a factor to consider then maybe a couple of photos at differing times of the day. 

• Structure - The structure is a broad angle view of the project (living room, dining room, bedroom, etc.).

• Dimension - This is a floor to ceiling, wall to wall picture that helps us determine the height, width and possible depth of the project.

Window Measure Diagram.jpeg


Measurements of the window space will be determined by the type of window treatment being installed but should include:

• Edge to Edge - Side to side and top to bottom of the inside sill where the window treatment is to be installed.

• Ceiling to floor - This may apply to drapery more that shades or blinds.

• Multiple windows - If your project includes more than one adjacent window and you are considering multiple treatments for each individual window then be sure and measure each window width individually.


InspirtaTion Pieces

Maybe you already have a general idea of how you envision your dream. Whether it's a picture in a magazine, a pillow that has the color or texture you are trying to match, or maybe you are starting from scratch and you have a drawing you made capturing the essence of your vision, be sure and include as many details as possible.

• Picture - Magazines, websites or places you've experienced.

• Swatches - Fabric samples with the texture, color or pattern you envision in your room.

• Drawings/Doodles/Sketches – The creative process knows no bounds.